You have questions? We have the answer below...and if we don't, just ask us.

Below is a list of commonly asked questions that you may find helpful in answering any questions you have about Vitag. And if you don't find the right answer, feel free to reach out to us at

Yes. We use a medium tack adhesive that will secure a tag to most surfaces. You can remove the tag by lifting it up from the edges.

The adhesive we use should not damage the surface underneath. We have tested the tag adhesive on a variety of surfaces including painted walls, wood desk, metal surfaces, and vinyl without any issue.

Once you order your Vitags, you can add video (and more) to your tags using the free companion app; available on Apple Store and Google Play.

The app makes it easy to capture videos and images on your phone.

Even better, you can upload existing videos and images in the app.

No. The content people see when they tap their phone in a Vitag is your control. So if you want to use a video or image, go ahead. And if not, they won't appear on the screen.

You are in control when you use the Vitag app.

Yes. One of the cool features we have created is a real-time updates from the app to your Vitag without you having to be next to it.

Once you add a tag in the app, you can update it from anywhere that has an internet connection.

No. Our technology works with all modern phones including Apple iPhone and Android devices and does not require software on the person's phone to use a Vitag.

Special Note About Apple iPhone

All Apple phones produced from 2018 (starting with the XR model) have built in-support for Vitag. The majority of iPhone users have phones created after 2018.

No. Vitags do not require a battery or internet connection to work.

Yes. In the Settings of the app, we have included a tool that allows you to format and encode the tag to work with our app.

So if you don't want to use our Vitags that's OK.

Just go to Settings in the app and format your third-party tags to work with the app.

And if you want to reformat your NFC tags, then don't worry; we don't lock the tags.

NFC stands for Near Field Communication and is an open standard used in a variety of applications; including tap-to-pay with your phone.

Most modern phones have an NFC reader and writer built into their phone.

If you have ever unlocked a hotel room with a card key, paid for gorceries using your phone, or entered a building with a security card, you are using NFC technology.

No. Each Vitag is shipped with a pre-programmed URL and locked to prevent changes.

Using the app, you can change the content on the URL but not the contents of the chip in the tag.

Maybe, but it would be very hard to do!


Each chip we send has been pre-formated and locked to prevent anyone from over-writing or altering the content on the tag.

While it may be possible for someone to detroy the tag, there is a low probablity they can alter the content on the tag.