Single-Sided Custom Vitag (with adhesive backing)

SKU: 201110

Single-Sided Custom Vitag (with adhesive backing)

SKU: 201110
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A single-sided PVC tag with NFC chip and self-adhesive backing; suitable for mounting on most walls, tables, and metal surfaces (including appliances).

Patent Pending: 63/417,363 U.S.A

Size: 3.375 inches x 2.125 inches (84mm x 54mm)

Thickness: 3.5/100 of an inch (35mil - 40mil)

Material: PVC with ferrite

Adhesive: 3M 467mp or equivilant (semi-permanent; should not peel paint and can be re-positioned)

NFC: NXP NTAG 213 or 215 chips

Encoding: Formated, locked, with pre-defined URL

Patent Pending: No. 63/417,363

Vitags One-Tap (NFC) works on iPhone XR and newer iPhones along with most Android devices.

To support older phones, you can add a QR Code Plus One-Tap to your tag.

Either way, you can always share instructions without the person needing an app. 

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