Why guests leave bad reviews

by Sean Jackson

Nothing is more disappointing than getting bad reviews. You spend countless hours and lots of money creating the perfect guest experience, just to have it all dismissed with a snarky comment on some website or app.

Worst yet, bad reviews have a big impact on your business.

88% of consumers avoid a business because of bad reviews.

Bad reviews hurt.

But why do guest leave them in the first place?

Is it the decor or the lack of some amenity?

The reason is actually something more personal.

Bad reviews come from...

In research conduct by Corra Research, 52% of bad reviews came from the service they received.

And the reason they leave those bad reviews is to help prevent others from having the same bad experience they did!

This is why one bad review can damage your business, because it is a warning sign for others to avoid doing business with you.

So, how do you prevent bad reviews in the first place?

What are the ways to improve the service you offer, without spending a lot of time and money to provide it?

The answer lies in understanding how guests want services delivered to them.

Help them help themselves

Guests don't want to wait for help. They want it now and they want it to address their issue quickly. 

Sure they may call or contact you online, but the truth is this is their last step; because to reach the point of contacting you, they are already frustrated (and probably upset).

What they really want is to solve the issue themselves, immediately.

No hunting around for someone to talk to. No digging through paper or waisting time hunting and searching on their phone for a solution.

They just want the solution now.

That is why we created Vitag.

We are excited to offer you this new way to improve the experience of your guests.

Sean Jackson & Daniel Reiling
Co-founders of Vitag


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