You invested a lot in the decor and design of your restaurant. So why destroy its visual appeal with QR codes?

With Vitag, you can create personalized tags to match the decor of your location, conveniently placed at each table. And instead of an unattractive QR code, diners only need to tap their phone on the tag to instantly see your menu on their phone.

But there’s more you can do then just link to a menu.

  • Use images and/or video to promote daily specials
  • Have patrons sign-up with your text messaging/loyalty program
  • Quickly share wifi instructions
  • Links to menus 
  • Instructions for food pickup/delivery

Vitag gives you the freedom to express the unique qualities of your restaurant, right from your phone.

Back Of House Help

It is easy for service workers to forget the key procedures you trained them on with so much activity during a busy shift.

With Vitag, you can quickly provide the training information they need, including:

  • Equipment instructions

  • Food prep

  • Delivery processes

  • Opening & Closing procedures

  • Cleaning & Maintenance tasks

Even better, with Vitag you will receive a full report on when and who did the task you assigned, with no special software required by your staff.