You have invested a lot in your gym to create an environment that helps every member improve their physical well-being. But sometimes they need a little help.

Not everyone can afford a trainer but they want someone to help them utilize your equipment to maximize the benefit of their routine.

That’s where Vitag can help.

When you place a Vitag next to each piece of equipment, you can quickly share a video of the right way to use it, immediately on their phone; no special software required.

  • Demonstrate work out routines
  • Client check-in per machine/equipment
  • Report problems

Even better, you can engage with your members and present special offers for additional services while they are in the gym.

  • Promote loyalty program
  • Signup for text messages
  • Invite a friend programs
  • Leave feedback

Who knows, maybe they will hire your trainers right there.

And speaking of trainers…

Clients hire trainers for the personal attention they provide. Why not enhance that experience by giving each client their own Vitag; branded with your name and image.

Vitag makes it easy to create personalized workout routines with video instructions you create right on your phone. Now your clients can see what they need to do to maintain the fitness level you helped them achieve.

And with our detailed reporting, your clients can check in with you to let you know they are staying on track, even when you are not around.

From the gym to their home, help your clients succeed with their fitness goals, using Vitag.

Share Instructions with your staff

Help your staff do the right things at the right time with Vitag.

  • Opening and closing instructions
  • Signup process
  • Equipment cleaning instruction
  • Checklists that they complete and you review

Vitag makes it easy to train your staff in real-time on the things they need to do to keep your gym running smoothly.

And with our built-in reporting, you will know when and what they did, immediately.