Brand Ambassador Program

Free Print On-Demand Dropshipping Program For Etsy Makers

We handle printing and shipping.
You keep 100% of the revenue.

If you love creating designs and selling them on Etsy, then we would like to invite you to join the Vitag Print-On-Demand Dropshipping Program for Etsy Makers.

  • You create and sell designs for our smart tags on your Etsy site
  • We print and ship them for you
  • You keep 100% of the revenue, less shipping costs to the customer (avg. $4)

So why are we offering this program?

  1. We want to offer customers design options beyond the ones we create. So we want to create a community of Etsy designers that can meet that demand and make money from it.
  2. Once a person receives our tags, they need our app to add content to them. The app has both a free and paid version. So our motivation is simple; the more people that buy and use the tags, the better our opportunity to up-selling them to a paid version of the app.
  3. Fundamentally we believe that the more people that benefit from our product, the better for us as a company. Hence we created this program to benefit everyone involved.

This program is perfect for Etsy Makers who create and sell designs for:

  • Rental property owners
    Welcome guides, in-home instructions 
  • Restaurants
    menus, table top displays, signage, handouts 
  • Retail stores
    flyers, in-store displays, promotional programs, packaging 
  • Businesses
    business cards, stationary, brochures
  • Home organization professionals
    signs and displays

The designs you sell are up to you! You can make them customizable or sell them as-is.

If you are interested in joining our program for free, please Jenny Adams at


Vitags are PVC cards measuring 84mm x 56mm (about the size of a business card) and include an NFC chip; similar to the one in most credit cards when you tap-to pay.

When a person taps a Vitag with their phone, they will instantly see whatever content has been added by the tag owner. No app required to view it, no need to scan a QR code.

Best of all, our tags are custom printed on demand at 300 dpi and shipped within 1-2 business days from our warehouse in Dallas, Texas.

Vitag is the perfect alternative to QR codes where businesses want to quickly connect people to information. For ideas, please check out our Starter Pack collection. 

Rental Property Owners

Replace paper guest books and sign with a custom designed Vitag. Now guests can tap their phone and instantly see what they need to know about everything on the property so they can enjoy their stay.


Replace ugly QR codes with Vitags. Vitags make it easy for guests to tap their phone to see the menu and even videos/images of the daily specials. Even better, Vitags are perfect for engaging customers with VIP/Loyalty programs.


Vitags make it simple for customers to learn more about the products in the store. But that's not all. Vitags are perfect for engaging customers in promotions, loyalty programs, or even just getting customer feedback.

Recreational Facilities

Forget using outdated and incomplete signage. With Vitag, recreational facilities can offer one-tap access to maps, safety instructions, or even training on how to use the equipment in the facility.

Conference Promotions

Business cards get lost and brochures are expensive. With Vitag, your promotional material can include rich media elements that engages attendees. Even better, our built in reporting shows who, what, when, and where someone viewed the information. Trying doing that with a printed card today.

Business Cards

Smart cards are extremely popular, so why not create your own designs using Vitag. And with our low price point, you can offer your customers bundles of cards at a price less than what they can do today.

A World Of Possibilities

These are just a few of the opportunities for you when you sign up for our program. We are excited to see what you can do.

  • You create your own Vitag designs and list them on your Etsy store
  • Once your customer places an order, you log into the Community Portal and upload your designs and the shipping address.
  • We print your designs on our tags and mail them to your customer within 1-2 business days with a tracking number.

That’s all you have to do.

Best of all, you keep 100% of the revenue from your customer, less the shipping costs.

No need to carry inventory. No need to worry about shipping. We handle it all.

  • You Pay Shipping Costs. We handle all printing and shipping using our product packaging and we charge you for the shipping costs. We use USPS and UPS and do not mark up the cost (around $3-$5 per order in the USA, $11 for Canada).
  • We Email Customers About Our App for the Tags. Your customers will need to download the Vitag App to add content to their tags. Hence we email them instructions on how to download and use the App.
  • We Do Not Offer Refunds. We do our best to provide a high quality printed product. However, we do not offer refunds on shipping costs.
  • Comply with our Terms Of Service. We only accept Makers that offer the highest levels of professionalism and design and abide by our terms of service. Hence we have the right to terminate our relationship at any time.

We do! If your customer has an issue with their order or has an issue with the product, they contact us. And if they contact you, then you can refer them to us.

No. We do NOT have an Etsy store and sell Vitags from our website only. 

We respect the time and effort you spent to build your online presence with Etsy. Hence our program is designed for people that have already created their own store. 

Even better, we don’t advertise on Etsy so you are free to run your own ads using our brand name on Etsy.

Yes. We want to help promote members of our Maker program and may include you on a dedicated webpage on our site to highlight your designs and provide a direct link to your Etsy Store so people can buy from you directly.

We do not sell your designs on our site so you get the benefit of attracting new customers to yours.

Yes. Your designs are your designs and you retain all copyrights to them. 

You will need to give us permission to use them for printing but we will not put them on our site to sell. The only way a person can buy a Vitag with your design is from you.

We respect MAKERS intellectual property rights.

We generally recommend a retail price of $2 per tag per side. So a single sided tag would be $2 or a double sided tag would be $4. We recommend creating a bundle of tags to bring the order value higher.

Of course, you are free to set whatever price you like since you keep 100% of the revenue.

For shipping costs, we will provide you details on how to price it for your site to match our price calculations.

The average price is between $4-$5.

Yes. When you join the program, you can quit at any time. 

Great question and we do have several goals.

First, we make money by offering Vitag customers a subscription to the premium features of our app. So when your customer receives their tags from us, there is a high probability that they will upgrade from our free plan to our subscription plan. That’s how we make money and why we can offer this program to you.

Second, the more people promoting our tags, the better for everyone. It builds brand awareness and helps benefits everyone involved with us, including our Makers in the program.

Finally, it is a lot easier for us, and better for our customers, if there is a diversity of design options for our tags. We can only create so many and to be fair, you are probably better at this than us.

So we do have a financial incentive in helping you which is why we created this generous program.

Yes. We want you to be successful so we will assign you a dedicated Brand Ambassador to help set you up and provide tips and insights to help grow your business with us.

Your Etsy Brand Amabasador

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