Vitag App Upgrade - February 2023

by Sean Jackson

Lots of new features in Vitag

We just released the latest version of the Vitag App with new features you will love.

Please update your Vitag App today to unlock all the new features, including:

Free WiFi Page Element

Want to share WiFi instructions with your guests without paying for a subscription to the App? Then you are in luck!

The free version of the app now includes WiFi Instructions as a free Page Element.

SMS Redirect

Direct people to your SMS newsletter or just make it easy for them to contact you with the new SMS Redirect feature; available to app subscribers.

This unique features makes it easy for anyone to tap a tag and open their text messaging app to send you a message.

You can even include a message in the text so all they need to do is tap send.

Text Input Page Element

Our lead capture Page Elements are getting better with the new Text Input element.

Not only can you capture a person's name and email, with the new Text Input Page Element they can provide you their company name or anything you want to know about them.

Improved Experience for You

We have made a number of subtle improvements to the app, including the ability to view your tag information without opening the app.

We know this was annoying many of you so we took it out.

Now when you tap any Vitag, it launches your web browser immediately instead of the app. 

More Great Features Coming

In the coming weeks we will release a new version of the app with Advanced Reporting features.

This premium feature includes the ability to track individual devices as they tap your tags.

This report is perfect for tracking how your guests use Vitags throughout your facility so you can instantly see which device tapped which tag.

Thanks again for using Vitag.

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