New Version of the Vitag App Coming in January 2023

by Sean Jackson

From Free to Freemium

During the week of January 23, 2023, we will be upgrading the Vitag App to include a number of improvements along with a new subscription feature.

This update will not impact any existing tag content you have created prior to the update. However, it will change your experience. Please read further for more details.

What's Included In the New Version

Based on user feedback, we have made a number of improvements to the existing features. Basically smoothing out some of the rough spots when using the app.

We also are including a subscription feature to unlock most of the advanced functionality that exists in the app today.

Free Version

  • Video/Images on Tags
  • Text On Tags
  • Basic reporting of total tags, total scans, and total actions.

Subscription Version

  • All Page Elements including links, forms, checklists, Wifi, etc.
  • Add Tag(s) feature for cloning tag content to new tags.
  • All the Advanced Reporting Features on a per tag report
  • Formatting of NFC tags

Pricing for the Subscription Version will start at $12 / month for an annual plan and $20 / month for a month-to-month subscription.

Existing Users - Please Read

Any tag content you create in the app prior to the release of the new version will not require a subscription to use Page Elements on an existing tag content.

Basically, anything you have created prior to the new version will not require a subscription to edit the existing content.

However, after the update, you will no longer have access to the following, unless you have a subscription:

  • Adding new Page Elements to existing tags
  • The Add Tag(s) feature to clone new tags to existing content
  • Advanced Reports on a per tag basis
  • Format NFC tag feature in Settings

We know this may be inconvenient for some of you and feel free to contact us directly if this is a problem at

Why Subscribe?

Hopefully you will subscribe to the new version of the app. Why? Beyond unlocking all the current features, we will be releasing additional functionality including:

  • Improvements to Advanced Reporting for filtering, sorting, and seeing which device interacted with each tag.
  • More Page Elements including additional form input fields, payment processing (so you can get paid when they tap), a new Acknowledgment Feature (so you know they read the house rules BEFORE you give them the Wifi), and much much more.
  • More tools for managing existing tags.

In short, we are creating a lot of new and innovative features for our subscribers.  

Free users will always have the ability to add video and text to a tag and these new features are specifically designed for users that want more flexibility (and creativity) for their tag content.

We are Here To Help

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at We are here to serve you.

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