Forget using QR codes in restaurants. There’s a better alternative.

by Sean Jackson

If you visit a restaurant today, you will probably spot a QR code. Whether it is used as a replacement for a paper menu or to sign up for a loyalty program, restaurants are one of the more active creators of QR codes.

But to be fair, they are a pain.

Sure, generating a QR code is easy; but putting them to work requires going through a myriad of steps. 

  • Create content on a website and get the URL
  • Open a QR code generator and paste in the URL
  • Copy the QR code then open a desktop word processor
  • Paste in the QR code while you create a sign/display
  • Print it out and then figure out how you are going to mount it.

But that’s not all.

If you ever change the website or someone scratches the code…you must repeat all these steps again.

Also, QR codes are a security nightmare, where someone can stick their own QR code on the table (and put whatever they want on it).

And one more thing…they are ugly! Seriously.

Restaurants spend millions of dollars on their furniture and fixtures just to turn their tabletops into a pixelated display straight out of Minecraft!

Really? That’s the best that can be done?!

Actually, there is a better alternative to QR codes in restaurants.

NFC-enabled Tags

If you have ever tapped your phone to pay at a store, then you are using NFC, or near-field communications.

NFC has been around since 1983 for industrial usages, but it has only recently gained traction in the consumer market once iPhone and Android phones started supporting the technology.

Today, over 3 billion smart phones have NFC included in them, including the majority of phones used in the USA today. 

Because NFC is nearly ubiquitous (and growing), a world of opportunity is becoming unleashed as restaurant owners look for a viable alternative to QR codes. 

Vitag – The QR Code Alternative

Vitag is a turn key solution that makes it easy to replace QR codes.

It starts with our NFC-enabled tags that you can stick to any surface. Even better, better you can create your own design for the tags on our site.

Vitags overcome the limitations of QR codes, including:

  • Patent-pending tags that you can place inside or outside and not easily damaged.
  • A semi-permanent adhesive that keeps them from coming off a surface easily but can be relocated without damaging the surface underneath.
  • Highly secure technology that can not be altered by hackers.

And best of all for your guest, they just need to “tap the tag” to instantly see what they need!

No need to open the camera on their phone, scan the code, tap it, and hope they didn’t move their hand!

With Vitag, they just tap and see!

And what do they see? Whatever you want!

The Vitag App (available for Android and iPhone) makes it easy to add video, links, forms, and a lot more to your tags. 

  • A video message from the chef on the daily specials with a link to order,
  • Promotional messages to sign up for the loyalty program,
  • Customer feedback forms,
  • Wifi instructions,
  • And so much more.

But that’s not all.

You can use Vitags in the back of the house providing closing instructions for your team, or quickly ordering supplies.

The options are limitless.

And if you make a mistake or need to change the content on the tags, you can do it remotely in the app. No need to touch the tags to make changes.

And one more thing…

The App provides real-time reporting, by tag, so you know exactly when, where, and how it is being used.

So if you want to know how each table is interacting with the tag, you have access to that data, right on your phone.

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