10 Ways to Use Vitag in your restaurant (and leave QR codes behind)

by Sean Jackson

Vitag is the perfect alternative to QR codes; enabling a whole new world of possibilities to engage your guests while dramatically improving their experience.

Below are 10 ideas to use Vitag in your restaurant.

1. Show Your Daily Specials

Why tell guests what the specials are when you can just show them! Vitag makes it easy.

Use the Vitag App to capture a quick video or image of each special and then adding the Vitag to the table.

When your guests tap the tag, they instantly see the video or photo of each item.

This is a great way to entice your guests to order.

Even better, you can remotely update the video at any time and with our built-in reporting, you can even see which table viewed the video or photo!

2. Share Wifi So They Stay Longer

Providing guests with free Wifi is a great way to keep them engaged, whether you have a coffee shop, a bar or just a place for people to hang out while enjoying food and beverages.

The challenge is sharing the information people need to join the Wifi.

With Vitag, you can make it a tap away; no more fat fingering in the information just to have them ask for it again.

Just create a Vitag to promote your Wifi access and use the Vitag App to add your Wifi information. That’s it.

When your guests tap the tag, they can instantly see the access information, right on their phone so they can connect without having to type it in!

And if you ever need to change it, you can update it right in the app.

Your guests will appreciate the convenience.

3. Join The List for Email and Text Marketing

Keeping your restaurant top of mind with your guest is a challenge. With so many options for ordering food, how do you stand out without spending a fortune on advertising?

Thankfully, email and text marketing systems help.

The problem is getting people on the list! That is where Vitag can help.

With just a tap of their phone on a Vitag, your guests can instantly subscribe to your email or text messaging list.

4. Customer Feedback 

It happens. People have a bad experience and want to complain. Unfortunately, instead of talking with the manager, they go online to vent their frustration.

Instead, provide them an easy way to provide feedback immediately using Vitag.

Place a Vitag that is easily accessible to customers so they can just tap their phone and give you feedback on demand right in the restaurant.

No need to talk with a manager or vent online, just one tap and they are done.

Who knows, you may get a lot of compliments as well.

5. Give Your VIPs Something Unique

Repeat customers that love your restaurant are crucial for your success. So give them something that recognizes how important they are to you.

Customize the design of a Vitag with your logo and VIP program and hand out the cards.

With just a tap of their phone, your VIP customers have instant access to all the perks and benefits you offer.

Need a reservation fast, just tap it.

Want to know our off menu items, tap it and see.

Best of all, you can update the content on their cards remotely, providing an incentive to keep engaging with you.

6. Promotions That Perform

Doing a promotion? Then use Vitag to make it quick and easy for them to act.

Create your promotional message on a Vitag, hand them out, and watch the excitement as people tap the tag to instantly act on the promotion.

With the advanced features in the app, you are in control of what they see and can instantly turn them off when the promotion is done (try doing that with a card and an expiration date).

These are just a few ways Vitag can make a difference in your guests experience.

But there is more you can do in the back of the house.

7. Opening and Closing Procedures Done Right

Add a tag to your work area so your staff can tap and see what they need to do to open and close.

Even better, you can add a task list that they submit, right from their phone.

The app will notify you when they are done.

Now you can rest assured that they are doing their job, even when you are not there.

8. Line Prep Instructions

Line prep is one of the more demanding aspects of running a kitchen and frequently changes based on the meals being offered for the day.

With Vitag, your executive chef can record video prep guides from anywhere so that staff can tap the tag and see each step.

And with the Apps reporting feature, you can see exactly if and when they viewed the instructions.

9. Simplified Order Management

Getting confused on who to call for what supply to re-order? Just add a Vitag to the shelf so your staff can instantly request a reorder from you.

So instead of taking their handwritten notes, you can export the data from the app and have it readily available so you can place the order electronically.

10. Bathroom Service Check

Forget putting a piece of paper on the back of the door. Just add a Vitag and let your staff tap it when they have cleaned.

You will get real-time reports on when, where, and who did the work. Its hard to argue with a manager when you have Vitag providing the data.

These are just a few of the novel ways restaurants use Vitag to enhance their customer experience.

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