10 simple ways hotels can use Vitag to enhance the guest experience

by Sean Jackson

Vitag is the perfect replacement for QR codes in a hotel, providing guests with one-tap access to the information they need with tags designed to match the decor of the hotel.

Below are 10 ways Vitag can improve your hotel guest experience.

1. Room Service With A Tap

No need to worry about out-dated menu cards in each room. Simply add your custom designed Vitag so guests can tap their phone and instantly see your menu selection.

Our turnkey solution makes it easy to design a tag that entices your guests to order while providing an adhesive backed tag that you can stick to any surface without damage.

So when your guests are hungry just let them tap the tag so they can place the order instantly.

2. Wifi On Demand

Wifi access is one of the first things most guests want when they arrive. Unfortunately they often lose the access information on the way to the room.

So add a Vitag to the room so they can tap and access it!

Just add a Vitag with a Wifi message on the desk in the room and when your guests tap it, they will instantly see the wifi information with options to quickly connect.

Even better, you can change the wifi for each room using the Vitag App. No more printing out Wifi instructions. Just change it once in the app and every room has the updated information.

3. Amenities Nearby and In the Hotel

Magazines and brochures in rooms are a hassle to manage, needing to be replaced on a frequent basis. But with Vitag, you can turn those stacks of paper into a one-tap experience that highlights the amenities you want to feature.

Now guests can tap a Vitag and see whatever attractions and amenities you want to spotlight, including options within the hotel.

Guests will appreciate the convenience of having the information immediately on their phone and you will appreciate the ability to highlight the experiences best suited for your guests.

4. Instant Customer Feedback

Give your guests the ability to instantly provide feedback on their stay, right in their room without needing an app.

Just add a Vitag to the back of the door so guests can tap the tag and provide immediate comments on their stay, without the need to go to review sites to detail their experience.

Vitag makes it easy to capture their thoughts of their experience at your hotel, right in the room.

5. Promotions On Demand

Doing a promotion in the hotel? Then use Vitag to make it quick and easy for them to act.

Create your promotional message on a Vitag, hand them out, and watch the excitement as people tap the tag to instantly act on the promotion.

With the advanced features in the app, you are in control of what they see and can instantly turn them off when the promotion is done (trying doing that with a card and an expiration date).

6. Services On Demand

Cut down calls to the front desk or maintenance using a Vitag for Service and Maintenance requests.

Just add a Vitag to a wall so guests can tap it and immediately request assistance on their phone. No need to call anyone when they need help.

7. Business Center Help

Most business centers include a variety of equipment options that may be confusing to guests. Cut down support requests using Vitag.

Just place a Vitag next to the copier, computer, fax machine, or any equipment you have so guests can tap their phone to instantly see how to operate the device.

8. Staff Training

Turn your printed training material into interactive video instructions with Vitag. With our built-in video features, you can quickly capture on-the-spot training videos to show your staff the proper steps they need to follow to get their job done right.

And with the task management system in the Vitag App, you can provide them a checklist and receive real-time notifications back to you so you'll know when the task is done.

9. Simplified Order Management

Getting confused on who to call for what supply to re-order? Just add a Vitag to the shelf so your staff can instantly request a reorder from you.

So instead of taking their handwritten notes, you can export the data from the app and have it readily available so you can place the order electronically.

10. Maintenance and & Facilities Management

There is a lot of equipment in a hotel and not everyone knows the proper way to maintain it (or even if they did).

With Vitag, you can add video instructions to every piece of equipment with quick links to operating manuals and/or service requests.

Even better, you can create checklists to help insure your staff is properly maintaining the equipment and save yourself the hassle of on-going repairs due to poor operations.

These are just a few of the novel ways hotels use Vitag to enhance their customer experience.

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