How To Use Tag Tools In the App

by Sean Jackson

When editing an existing tag in the app, the Tag Tool icon (located in the upper right corner) provides a number of features specific to the tag you are working with.

Save as new…

Create a copy of the tag content for reuse with a brand new tag. 

If you want to create a brand new tag and use some of the elements from an existing tag, then tap Save as new. This feature creates new tag content with the elements from the existing tag.

Use this feature when you want to create a new tag that shares some of the same elements from the current tag and you want to make minor changes to that content.



Share the content of the tag across several tags.

Add Tag(s) is a cloning feature that allows you to sync several tags to the same piece of content. Use this feature for tags that have exactly the same content. 

This feature is different from Save as new since any change in the content for Add Tag(s) will automatically update every tag connected to the content.



View the webpage generated by the app as seen by the person tapping a tag.

When you want to see how the information you entered in the app will appear to anyone that taps the tag.



Share a link to the Preview page from your phone.

Instead of tapping a tag, you can share the content via a URL from your phone. This is a convenient method of sharing information without requiring people to use a Vitag.



Opens the Report features within the App

The Reporting tool provides additional details on how people interact with your tag, including date, time, and device when tags are scanned, links are clicked, and/or forms submitted.



Deletes the content in the app and on the tag.

When you want to completely remove content from a tag, tap the Delete option. Once confirmed, your content will be removed from the app and the tags associated with that content will be reset so you can use them again.

Note, if you Delete a tag, all content associated with it will be removed immediately and can not be undone.

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