How to Use Reports

by Sean Jackson

A convenient way to discover how people are using your tags.

The Vitag App includes a number of advanced reporting features that provide a detailed activity log on how people interact with your tags.

Quick Stats

At the top of the reports screen is a summary report detailing your tag usage, including:

Tags - the total number of tags added to the app
Scans - the total number of times people tap a tag
Actions - the total number of times people click on links

Below the summary information, you can also see individual reports for each of the tags added to the app. 

Tag Level Details (App Subscribers Only)

When you create content for your tag, we include several tracking reports for each tag.

Simply tap the tag title in the app to see a new screen listing the Scans, Actions, and Form Submissions for the tag.

A detailed report showing the date and time for each tag scan along with the unique ID for the tag.

A report listing the unique id for each tag, the date and time a link was clicked, and the name of the link clicked.

A report listing the name and value for any form field entries submitted by users.

Download Report Details As CSV File

For each detailed report, tap the triple dots in the top right corner of the screen to download the details as a CSV file to your phone.

Once downloaded, you can share this file from your phone to your computer.

More Report Features Coming

Reporting is a core feature of the Vitag App and one that we are constantly working to make better. Paid App Subscribers should expect to see more reporting options in the near future, including:

  • Date Selection - filter reports based on specific months of the year.
  • User Reporting - additional details about who is using your tags.
  • Location Data - filtering tags based on their location.
  • Advanced Search - the ability to quickly search data across reports.

All of this and more will be available to paid App Subscribers. If you would like to subscribe to the app, please visit for more details.