How to Use Page Elements

by Sean Jackson

Quickly create dynamic page content, right on your phone.

Page Elements is one of the most useful, and sophisticated features, in the Vitag App. It is designed to make it easy for you to create content on the page with small elements that people interact with when they tap a tag. Note, items with an asterisk (*) require a subscription.

Use Cases

Below are a few examples of how you can use Page Elements.

  • Quickly signup for SMS or Email newsletters
  • Create task list for people to follow
  • Capture contact information include name and email
  • Generate simple forms like sign up/in sheets
  • Share Wifi Instructions for your guests.

Feature Details

Text Element

The Text element provides a simple text editor to add text to your page.

Link Element *

The Link element is a simple tool to add hyperlinks to the page with an icon representing a link.

Phone Call Link *

Let people quickly call you with the Phone Call Link element. Once added to the page, a person can tap the link and start a call with you based on the number entered.

Phone SMS Link *

Similar to the Phone Call Link, this element launches a persons text message app when tapped. In addition to a number, you can include a pre-formatted message. This is a great way to get people to subscribe to your SMS alerts.

Email Link *

The Email Link features makes it easy to create personalized email. Just fill in the email address, subject line, and even a message. When a person clicks the link, their email app opens and the message is pre-populated with the details you enter. 

WiFi Credentials *

Make it easy for guests to access your WiFi. Enter your WiFi name and password and that's it. When a person taps a tag, they can quickly access your network and even share it with other guests right from their phone.

Checklists *

The Checklist element creates a simple ordered list of items with checkboxes. So when a person taps a tag, they will see the list and once they check the boxes, they can submit this information so you know they followed each step.

Options *

The Options Elements is similar to Checklists except it provides a radio buttons and not boxes. This makes it easy to pick from a list of options that a person can select one item from and submit it to you.

Name input *

Need to capture a person's name? The Name input provides a simple form field for people to enter and send to you.

Email input *

The Email input element is similar to the name input except it is designed for email address capture. 

More To Come

Page Elements are a core component of the Vitag App with plans to extend this functionality with even more elements coming in the near future.