How To Use Advanced Tool

by Sean Jackson

There is a lot more you can do with the Vitag App.

Format NFC Tags

If you already own NFC enabled tags, then you will love the Format NFC tool available to App Subscribers.

Within the Settings tab of the app, you will see a section called Tools. Within the Tools section is an option titled Format NFC Tag.

This tool makes it easy to format any blank NFC enabled tag for use with the Vitag App.

Specifically, this tool adds a unique Vitag URL to the tag so that you can add content to the tag via the app.

Even better, we do not lock or format the tag so you are free to reformat the tag later.

This is a great option for NFC enthusiasts to try out the Vitag app with existing tags they own.

More Tools Coming

As we grow, we will be adding more NFC tools to the Settings of the app for App Subscribers. So make sure you become a subscriber today by visiting so you will can instantly access them once they become available.